Thursday, October 22, 2015

Empty Pews [not] Empty Altars: Adoration

Adoration. When I wasn't Catholic, I had no idea what this meant, other than the adore part. Then my mom took me to the adoration chapel at my parish, and from then on, I became a regular. The funny part about that was that I hadn't even decided if I was going to become Catholic! All I did know was that when I walked into the room and knelt down before the Blessed Sacrament, there was something mystical and strange and frankly, awesome.
Then I became Catholic, and things started to get a little bit odd when I visited with Jesus. At first, I thought I was crazy, but then I talked to someone who had seen it, too: the face of Christ in the center of the Eucharist. What?!?! It was and is the most wonderful thing that has happened to whilst awake. 

I am so thankful for the time here at Christendom College to be able to come to Adoration Every. Single. School. Day. Every single one! Even if it's just for the half hour I'm signed up for, getting to spend it with Jesus is the most wonderful thing a girl could ask for.
We may not all see His face, we may fall asleep for awhile-guilty of that myself-but all I is that to spend time with Jesus is one of the best things one can do for our lives. Try it sometime, you'll start seeing a difference.